Steven Moffat Appreciation

     ↳ Osgood

One of the most touching tributes to come out of the Doctor Who 50th special was the one to the fans through the character of Osgood. There, in the background of what was the most important negotiation in history, without anyone noticing, Osgood saved the world.

She could have easily sabotaged the Doctor’s plan by telling Kate to check her pockets, but instead of choosing to divide, Osgood chose to be kind. Becoming the bridge, the one who was willing to connect with what everyone had been so afraid of.

She had been neither cruel nor cowardly. And I think that’s why Steven wrote her in wearing the scarf. Because, really, anyone, anywhere, through kindness and courage, can be the Doctor. If that’s not the greatest tribute to the fandom, I don’t know what is.